Kpop All Night - Grazy Grace


Kpop All Night - Grazy Grace


KPOP ALL NIGHT - America’s #1 Kpop nightclub event, has been to Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Washington D.C. and featured artists including Palo Alto, Okasian, G2, Eden (of LC9), Kidoh (of Topp Dogg), Supreme Boi (BTS Producer), Reddy, and JunCurryAhn. Now we're taking Show Me the Money Season 3 contestant 그레이스 GRAZY GRACE on another mini-tour.

KPOP ALL NIGHT is a chance for Kpop fans to come together for one spectacular night of jamming to the latest Kpop hits followed by a live performance from Grace and other special guests. Our DJ will take your requests and you can show everyone in your squad's slick choreo on stage. Whether you are new to Kpop or have been a lifelong fan, KPOP ALL NIGHT is the ultimate Korean music experience.


Grazy Grace 2018 Tour

Grazy Grace 2018 Tour



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7PM November 14th @ The Walnut Room


8PM November 16th @ Family Karaoke


Grazy Grace Biography

Grazy Grace Biography

Grazy Grace 2018 Tour Denver Dallas Baltimore

Grace (그레이스) Kim eumni

Kim EunMi , more widely known as Grace is a Korean-American singer/rapper born in New York. Before Grace's debut she was posting covers of popular music on her YouTube channel. She trained for four years and debuted on February 5, 2016 with the single "I'm Fine". Grace came onto the Korean music scene with a very different and unique style. Along with a over the top music video with electronic addicting beats. After her successful first single Grace participated in season 3 of a popular Korean T.V. show "Unpretty Rapstar" in July of 2016. Around Halloween of 2016 Grace came back to slay October with a new digital single called "Trick or Treat". Trick or Treat is a darker song with more of a sub-bass sound. Fast forward to 2017 Grace released her newest single in February called "Zombie High". Zombie High as well as all of Graces other songs have a underlining electronic sound that always makes you want to dance. We look forward to see Grace's success in the future as a very talented idol and performer.


Grazy Grace Event Photos

Grazy Grace Event Photos

from grazy grace’s 2017 tour with hallyu ent


Grazy Grace FAQ

Grazy Grace FAQ

Q: When will tickets go on sale?

  • A: Tickets will go on sale on November 1st at noon, local time.

Q: I don't see my city..?

  • A: We may announce more cities! If we don't announce your city in the end, please come support Grazy Grace at one of her announced shows! Grazy Grace wants to put on the best show possible, but cannot physically attend every city (perhaps next year!).

Q: When the the Meet & Greet?

  • A: The Meet & Greet will be after the show ends. If you miss the Meet & Greet, you will not be refunded.

Q: Why are tickets priced differently in each city?

  • A: Individual promoters and venues set prices as they see fit.

Q: What should I bring to the event?

  • A: You should bring a screenshot of your ticket, a government-issued ID (for 18+. No ID = charged as "All Ages"), and a smile! You might want to bring money for a drink or two at the bar.

Q: Can I reserve a booth and buy bottles?

  • A: Yes, just contact us and we will arrange a sweet deal for you!

Q: Do I have to print my ticket?

  • A: We are environmentally conscious and designed our system so that you do not have to. Just show us your ticket confirmation or PayPal transaction from the email and we'll mark you off. In case your phone is out of battery, just have the person who paid for the tickets provide their name and a valid government-issued ID. If multiple tickets were purchased, the person who paid for the tickets needs to be present for the group to enter.

Q: What should I wear?

  • A: Dress to impress. If you need outfit suggestions, check out MV's like GD&TOP's High High or 2PM's Go Crazy. Please do not wear sweats, athletic shorts, tanks, etc... If you are unsure, it's better to dress up!

Q: Can you play my song?

  • A: Sure! Just post a request in the group or ask the DJ. Please note that if you submit a ballad or something else that is slow, we may not play it.

Q: Are cameras allowed?

  • A: No, cameras are for official press only. Attendees are welcome to use their handheld devices without flash.

Q: Are tickets refundable or transferable?

  • A: Due to our advance and pre-sale ticket offerings, all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see the official policy on the ticket-purchasing website.

Q: Who is responsible for the tour?

  • A: Many companies and organizations have come together to make this tour happen. The Denver show is promoted and produced by Hallyu Entertainment with promotion assistance from KonnectPop. The Dallas show is co-promoted and co-produced by Hallyu Entertainment and Family Karaoke. is Grazy Grace’s manager.

Q: How do I apply for press?

  • A: Send us an email with your credentials to info@hallyuent.com. Please include as much information about your organization as possible including links to articles from events you have covered in the past.