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Grace (그레이스) Kim eumni

Kim EunMi , more widely known as Grace is a Korean-American singer/rapper born in New York. Before Grace's debut she was posting covers of popular music on her YouTube channel. She trained for four years and debuted on February 5, 2016 with the single "I'm Fine". Grace came onto the Korean music scene with a very different and unique style. Along with a over the top music video with electronic addicting beats. After her successful first single Grace participated in season 3 of a popular Korean T.V. show "Unpretty Rapstar" in July of 2016. Around Halloween of 2016 Grace came back to slay October with a new digital single called "Trick or Treat". Trick or Treat is a darker song with more of a sub-bass sound. Fast forward to 2017 Grace released her newest single in February called "Zombie High". Zombie High as well as all of Graces other songs have a underlining electronic sound that always makes you want to dance. We look forward to see Grace's success in the future as a very talented idol and performer.